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A change isn’t the proper word to draw the complete picture of my current situation. Changes, is. It was a day I made up my mind to stay until I realize my existence in the cubical is redundant unless I make a change. Why not change? A frequent question being asked by others. There is something I want to hold on and this is it. It may sound stubborn or seem like a doltish act, regret is nowhere to be found. Utterly touched by the unconditional love and whole support from my beloved ones.

Here I thank you and you.



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Spotted this pair of lovely cage wedges some time ago.

Love at first sight.

Didn’t buy it because it costs quite a fortune looking at how much I earn per month.

Should I?

Couldn’t get it off my mind. So addictive~

It would be a perfect match for any outfit.


Should I? Should I? Should I?


Wanna be Khan

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DD is home. For good? Few people asked me this question. Not really. Following? TBC. And surprisingly, we haven’t been snapping photos with just two of us.

I’ve been in TigerTiger post-production house for 1.5 month. The name of the company tells all. Most of them are guys in the office (bungalow to be exact). Love the place. However, I wonder if I can really cope well with the working flow and most importantly the working hours. I just feel like I am draining myself out.

Yet to plan a work out schedule to burn my fats.

Went for China trip. Spent quite an amount for something for the very first time. There goes the hard earned money.

After 3.5 months, I’m home again. No place like home sweet home. BUT I’m heading back to KL in 6.5hours time. Met few of the JSPO gang last night. Everyone is doing well. As usual, I don’t talk a lot. I listen. I see changes.

The most constant thing in this world is changes, quoted by a 3 years old big boy.

Watched plenty of movie. Downloaded of course. So many of them that I can hardly recall some of the movie titles. Nonetheless, there is this movie that touched my heart. My Name is Khan. It worth every single second that I have spent watching the movie. Having born with Aspergers Syndrome isn’t his choice to make, by overcoming obstacles in life he made his life larger than others. Shah Rukh Khan has carried out a good job playing Ridzuan Khan in the movie. He is still as hot as ever [giggles].

Makcik & Ah moi

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A conversation with Makcik nearby the morning market.

Makcik: Ah moi~

Me: (smiles)

Makcik: Nak apa ah moi? (wanted to take paper wrapper)

Me: Guna kotak…

Makcik: Ok.

When she is about to scoop ikan bilis…

Me: Itu tak mau.

When Makcik pointed to the cucumber…

Me: Tak mau jugak…(smiles)

Makcik: Ah moi tak suka makan sayur ha?

Me pointed at the “si ham”.

Makcik: Ok si ham ya. Nak apa lagi?

Me: (Point at fried egg)

After that she took a scoop of nasi lemak sambal for me.

Me: Nak banyak sikit.

Makcik: Ah moi pandai makan pedas ha…

Me: Ya, saya suka makan pedas.

Makcik: Ah moi kamu tau tak, makan pedas kuat makan…makcik jugak suka makan pedas…

Referring to her figure. Plump.

So, does that mean my liking for hot and spicy had caused my weight gained all these while because pandai makan pedas kuat makan!

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Things happened

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Mood swing happens especially that time of the month. Easily.

Got the shocking news of a friend injured badly in a bus accident on the way back from KL-PG. According to friends, he had 2 times brain surgery and he is under observation in Penang GH’s icu now. Stay strong my friend. We still have so many years of gathering to attend together. Your time is not up yet.

God bless you.

Had a mentally challenged day. Boss approved my board and so I proceeded. This afternoon finally he had time to check up the stuff and he told me I did wrong. Almost break down. The urge of crying just crept into my nerves. Got control of it though. Hope I didn’t scare the awesome fella(someone cool!) haha because he was the first one approached me after I talked to my boss. It was an unintentional mood swing thing.

Anyhow, I have decided to quit my very first job and I did. Serving one month notice now. I think that this isn’t the right place for me.

The newly met people changed my mind. Even my sis questioned about my sudden decision. I was never someone with big dreams. Abrupt as it may seem, it took me two weeks to figure it out. For what had happened, I hear things that show me things that I did not realize. Most of them of course are wonderful things I must say. Thankfully.

Staying away from home, without any close friends or not-so-close friends, life isn’t treating me bad. March has taught me well. I maps googled places that I needa go and drove there all alone. I met new people. I learnt new stuff for AfterEffects from an awesome fella. And again, nothing can beat the feeling of being at home after staying away from home for some time.

Apparently, I am still uncertain about what I REALLY WANT but I think I have figured it out some part of it.

Things happen.


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Fruit indulgence! One word- SATISFACTION. Never had this much fruits for 3 weeks!!

Back at home, my dear papa buy and cut fruits for us everyday. We eat all kind of fruits! In KL, I hafta buy and cut the fruits myself. BUT I barely do that because I am lazy and I don’t know how to choose the good ones when I shop in Jusco. Now, I miss my papa.

(of course I miss everyone back at home! hee)


……….(  )…………
……..(      )………
……(          )……

and THANK YOU! You know who you are.